Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

March 31st, 2014


Episode 011: High Five Non-Simpson Simpsons Characters

This week, the guys are joined by their buddy Andy, who put way too much work into this list. They spend the entire episode quoting the cartoon and making each other giggle. They also keep saying this is their 10th episode when it's clearly their 11th. Tune in and laugh along!
Who do you think had the better high five this week? What characters are on your high five list?
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Broken Idiots, YEAH!

March 24th, 2014


Episode 010: High Five Favorite Cars

In this episode the guys discuss a topic they are woefully undereducated about, cars. Hear them stumble through this episode as they discuss everything from Dick Tracy to Scooby Doo. 
High Fives this week go out to Nashcast @nashcastnetwork and @sophiewho1988. 
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March 16th, 2014


Episode 009: High Five Movies Spoiled by Pop Culture

In this episode, the guys discuss how appropriate the South Park video game is for children, and how well Eric is dealing with having a child. 

Then the guys dive into the high five, about movies that everyone knows the endings to, whether they've seen the movie or not. Whether it's a twist that everyone has heard about, or an ending that has been parodied to no end, the guys count down their favorite spoiled films. 

Send the guys some love, you can email them, tweet themLike them, or plus one them. Also, High Fives for this episode go out to Wrestling with Friends and the Stinking Pause Podcast.

What Happens When A Podcast Gets Hit By Lightning?

March 9th, 2014


Episode 008: High Five Worst Comic Book Character Representations in Film
Holy rotten characters, Batman! The guys take a look at the worst on-screen adaptations of comic book characters in this episode. From villains who deserved better, to characters the filmmakers just didn't understand, these are some of the worst portrayals of comic characters in history. 
Also, be sure to check out the sweet video by Jose Murillo, HERE 

Two Clicks to Hitler

March 2nd, 2014

Episode 007: High Five Unfinished Games

In this episode, the guys admit failure when it comes to the top five games they never finished.

But wait! Player 3 has appeared! 

Find out a little about this mystery guest and find out exactly what makes the guys give up in this installment. Also, meet the reason that the show has been absent for the last couple weeks, when a new High-Fiver stops by.


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